Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Fair


We attended the INTERNATIONAL AIR CONDITIONING AND REFRIGERATION EXHIBITION The great international benchmark in Spain for AIR CONDITIONING and REFRIGERATION, where we presented our cutting systems for HVAC pipes. AIR CONDITIONING and REFRIGERATION -C&R- the most important commercial event for the Air Conditioning, Heating, Ventilation and Industrial and Commercial Refrigeration sectors, which shows the progress […]

Packaging with our multifunctional systems FRH series


FRH210 with electro-spindle and automatic tool change, two tangential cutting and creasing heads and optical mark recognition camera. Capable of machining almost any rigid material such as wood, plastics, methacrylate, aluminium or cardboard, foams, resins, etc…

Cutting methacrylate


Cutting 10 mm methacrylate with our FH350 milling machine. Thanks to our exclusive ball screw transmission system with rotating nut, we achieve perfect finishes.

Alarsis at Graphispack 2017


We were at GRAPHISPACK 2017 demonstrating our FRC350 multi-head milling machine and CRT212 foam cutters, with impressive results.

3D milling machines


3D milling systems for polystyrene foams. Hot wire roughing and milling with 4 interpolated axes. Three machines in one. Hot wire, 3-axis milling machine and combined hot wire and rotary axis machining system.

CRT 160

cortadores CRT 160

Professional hot wire cutter for cutting polystyrene foam.Suitable for the modelling, scenography and sign industry, very robust, low maintenance and very easy to use, characteristic of all our CRT models.With the CRT160/212 you will be able to cut the corporeal models quickly and economically with any design program such as CorelDraw, Autocad or similar. CRT160/212 […]